Chloroquine phoenix cells

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    Chloroquine phoenix cells

    The lines are based on the 293T cell line (a human embryonic kidney line transformed with adenovirus E1a and carrying a temperature sensitive T antigen co-selected with neomycin). The unique feature of this cell line is that it is highly transfectable with either calcium phosphate mediated transfection or lipid-based transfection protocols-- up to 50% or higher of cells can be transiently transfected.

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    Use 60%-70% confluent Phoenix cells as producer cells to be transfected. At this confluence cell count should be 5 million cells per 10 cm plate. One hour prior to transfection, replace the media with fresh complete media for Phoenix cell growth. A. Thawing PhoenixCells 1. Remove the vial containing frozen cells from liquid nitrogen or shipping box. Thaw rapidly at 37°C by hold-ing the vial and gently shaking in the water bath. Take out the vial from the water bath when the frozen cells start to thaw about 1-2 minutes. The key point is NOT to let the cells thaw completely. 2. Incubate the cells @ 37 in the 5% CO2 incubator for 7-11hr, wash once with 1X PBS be very gentle as 293T cells don’t adhere very well; otherwise do not wash – the trade-off is that cells without being washed will have with them residue chloroquine and DNA particles – detrimental to some extent, then replace the media. DAY 4 10.

    The lines offered advantages over previous stable systems in that virus can be produced in just a few days. The lines were created by placing into 293T cells constructs capable of producing gag-pol, and envelope protein for ecotropic and amphotropic viruses.

    Chloroquine phoenix cells

    Chloroquine treatment of ARPE-19 cells leads to lysosome., PhoenixTM Retroviral Packaging Cell Lines Ampho and Eco

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  5. Phoenix cells were incubated in 25 μM chloroquine 5 min prior to transfection with 10 μg retroviral plasmid DNA by the calcium phosphate technique. At 72 h post-transfection, the virus-containing medium was collected and the virus titre determined using NIH3T3 cells.

    • Reconstitution of telomerase activity in normal human cells..
    • Transient Transfection of 293T cells.
    • Retrovirus preparation using Phoenix cells.

    The theory of the experiment with primate cells was that chloroquine could be for preventing viral infection or as a treatment for viral infection after it had occurred. In vitro in these primate. Mar 08, 2011 Chloroquine proved to be an apt in vitro model for observing the buildup of intracellular lipid in ARPE-19 cells. Chloroquine induced intense vacuolation of cells. A similar observation has recently been observed under similar conditions and in bovine RPE under slightly hypoxic conditions. Seed 293T packaging cells at 3.8×10 6 cells per plate in DMEM complete in 10 cm tissue culture plates. Incubate the cells at 37 ℃, 5% CO 2 for ~20 hours. Gently aspirate media, add 10 mL fresh DMEM complete containing 25 μM cloroquine diphosphate and incubate ~5 hours. For 10 mL of DMEM complete, add 10 μL of 25 mM chloroquine diphosphate.

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