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Canadian Flagyl Info:

Indications to use Flagyl:
- blood poisoning or septicaemia (including puerperal fever);
- after surgery period (to fight with anaerobic bacteria);
- brain abscesses;
- pelvic cavity abscess;
- osteomyelitis;
- necrotising pneumonia;
- vaginal infections;
- peritonitis;
- dental infections (ulcerative gingivitis, dental abscesses);
- inflammation after pelvic cellulitis;
- leg ulcers;
- pressure sores;
- urogenital trichomoniasis;
- parasitic gut infection;
- amoebic dysentery;
- peptic ulcers (against Helicobacter pylori bacteria).

Flagyl and Alcohol:

When taking Canadian Flagyl, alcohol can cause such symptoms as abdominal pain, rapid heart beating, nausea, headache, vomiting, etc. It is necessary to wait for 48 hours after the last dose before drinking the alcohol.

Flagyl and other Medications:

Some medication can affect Buy Flagyl and cause side effects. Inform your doctor about all the medications you take including vitamins or minerals. Pay attention on such medications as: lithium, phenytoin or phenobarbital, cimetidine, warfarin, disulfiram or barbiturates.

Dosage and Taking:

It is necessary to take Flagyl according to prescription and do not miss the doses. The concentration of medication in your blood should be on a constant level to prevent the growth of bacteria. Never stop the course of treatment even if you feel better. Buy Flagyl is taken by mouth with a glass of water. You may also take it with milk or food these means will prevent stomach upset. Do not take double dose if you missed one. The appropriate personal doses should be prescribed by your healthcare provider only and changed according to the efficiency of the treatment.

Warnings and Precautions:

When prescribing Flagyl special tests are required. The following factors should be determined to prevent side effects or any harm: Allergy on Buy Flagyl; pregnancy or planning pregnancy and breastfeeding; liver and stomach diseases; nerve disorders; anemia or leucopenia; epilepsy; nerve disorders.


The side effects of Flagyl may happen if you take high doses or your treatment period is too long. Do not miss the visits to your doctor to correct your treatment if it is necessary. When taking Canadian Flagyl some of these symptoms may occur. Get emergency medical help or call your doctor if you have at least one of these symptoms:
- problems with eyes;
- numbness of hands or feet;
- sores inside your mouth or lips and a furry tongue;
- muscle and joints pain;
- pain when you urinate, dark urine;
- watery or bloody diarrhea;
- leucopenia;
- tremors and convulsions;
- chills;
- skin reactions (pain or rush);
- swellings;
- depressed mood and behavior changes;
- trouble concentrating;
- fever;
- loss of appetite and stomach pain;
- confusion;
- vaginal itching;
- hallucinations;
- sore throat, coughing and sneezing;
- dizziness;
- burning in eyes;
- liver disorders;
- weakness and numbness. When taking Flagyl the skin become more sensitive. Try to protect it from sunlight by wearing appropriate clothes and sunglasses.

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Flagyl: Flagyl/Metronidazole is an antibiotic of nitroimidazoles group that is used to treat variety infections of the stomach, skin, respiratory tract, joints, abdomen, bones, nervous system and vagina (except vaginal yeast infection). Buy Canadian Flagyl works by interfering with bacteria and damaging their structure. It prevents the growth of bacteria and helps to fight the infection. Such diseases as pressure sores or leg ulcers or infections of bones, gynecological area, brain, gums, gut, etc are usually caused by anaerobic bacteria that don't need oxygen to exist. They are also treated by Canadian Flagyl. It is very useful in preventing infection after surgery.

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